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Bold color and prints

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Fashion is forever changing with trendy styles staying on trend for a hot second and its on to the next. One  thing I noticed is the bold colors and prints popping up all over the world. Fashion is global and the more technology improves the more we will all be on the same accord with whats hot and whats not. Is bold color or bold print your thing? Unfortunately for me the answer is no! But being involved in the fashion world means you have to take risks and be able to step outside of your comfort zone. 

What this means for me is to open up my non print monochromatic world and at a splash of color and sprinkle in a bold print or two. I plan to do this with strategy. For the bold prints my choice will be to try it with scarf or headband perhaps this spring and summer bold print swimwear and maxi dresses will be good. The bold colors well... That is a whole other beast. 

Thinking of bold color just makes me smile nervously knowing what a challenge this will be. However to be a true fashionista and stay current one but step out side of the comfort zone and try new things. When I think of bold color I think turquoise and I'm planing to wear that in jewelry. Next is yellow and this can be done with a dress no matter what kind. Red which can be done in a tasteful and classy way by using it as a pop in a monochromatic outfit. Black and white aren't looked at as bold colors but they are. Actually the safest way for me to stay in my comfort zone and stay current will be to stick with what works for me which is monochromatic and add a splash of bold color or a bold print to make things fresh. No matter what your personal taste is I challenge you to join me in the new wave of fashion with bold color and prints. 

Color trend spring of 2015

Going into 2015 knowing the hot colors can be a  big help when looking to update your wardrobe. The main color is Marsala. This is a burgundy like color with a hint of brown. My faves are Glacier gray and Titanium. Gray has been huge this fall and is going to keep strong in fashion [...]

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Dressing for cool weather...Cardigan anyone?

Is it just me or is the weather up and down hot then cold. Usually I change my closet to match the seasons. This year I have decided to to try and keep all seasons available to me year around. This will be the first time I have ever done this. Shouldn't be a very [...]

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Wear now Wear later

Ever hear anyone say "this is a wear now wear later item"? Lets talk about wear now wear later. Items that fall under this category are things that you wear in the current weather and can also be used as the weather changes. The whole wear now wear later thing is trending. Its a good [...]

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Future jewelry trends for 2015

Everyone wants to be in the now but what about tomorrow? From what I know the future for jewelry is bright! Very bright! Its no secret color is everywhere. Me personally I'm a neutral kinda girl, yes I just cant get enough of browns, camels, khaki, blush and off whites... you know those warm earth [...]

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To splurge or not to splurge

Made any purchases lately? Chances are if you didn't buy high-end  you purchased the look of for far less. From home goods to fashion the choices of high-end Vs. the look of are everywhere. In a perfect world we would all buy the real deal. But in today's world that's just not an option for [...]

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A page from her book

As you can see from the MADEBYTRANDE pintrest board "fashion" we have a love for COCO CHANEL!She is the  inspiration for this months blog. One of the many thing she has said that I agree with is "dress like you're going to meet your worst enemy today." She said it right. Especially in today's world! [...]

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Spring fashion 2014

Spring fever! Everyone has it from kids playing at the park to men and women working in their garden. What does spring mean for your closet? COLOR and lots of it! With Radiant orchid being the "it" color for 2014 followed by Dazzling blue "Facebook blue" the possibilities are endless. Pastels are huge this spring [...]

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Fashion inspiration...your personal style

Fashion is the one thing that can immediately make you stand out. I don't know about you but I'm different and love to show it! why should I see myself coming and going each and every day? What is it that makes everyone want to look the same? Is it fear of what people might [...]

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