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Color trend spring of 2015

MADEBYTRANDE on 19th Dec 2014

Going into 2015 knowing the hot colors can be a  big help when looking to update your wardrobe. The main color is Marsala. This is a burgundy like color with a hint of brown. My faves are Glacier gray and Titanium. Gray has been huge this fall and is going to keep strong in fashion for 2015. These new colors are minimalistic and chic but primarily nature inspired. 2015 colors are cooler and softer with warm tones... think pastels and neutrals. How can you incorporate a few new colors in your existing style you ask? 

Try choosing one main piece like a coat or handbag in one of the new colors for 2015. This way you will be in style with the hottest color of the year and the color will still be hot for several years to come. Another option is to use accessories. I love this option because it allows me to try all 2015 colors as well as mix and match to get what works best for me without breaking the bank. My suggestions are nail polish, makeup, scarves... you know the smaller things that you can swap in a snap but makes a big impact. Once I get a feel for what new colors I like best then I go for the more eye catching items like a jacket or handbag. Oh and the shoes... how could I forget the shoes?!! A par of Titanium pumps are defiantly on my wish list and they will go great with my new Titanium nail polish that just happens to look fierce with my Marsala color lipstick! Other inspiration can come from looking at home decor, I know it sounds weird but try it because its not just the fashion industry who uses the new colors of the year!