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Fashion inspiration...your personal style

MADEBYTRANDE on 21st Feb 2014

Fashion is the one thing that can immediately make you stand out. I don't know about you but I'm different and love to show it! why should I see myself coming and going each and every day? What is it that makes everyone want to look the same? Is it fear of what people might say? Looks from others that make you wounder what they are thinking? Or is it just a lack of confidence... wanting so badly to fit in and not be judged based on what you have on. Either way its time to start looking at fashion for what it is- a way to express yourself and show your confidence and individuality. 

Sometimes your fashion choices for the day can be simply based on how you feel or what side of the bed you woke up on... Edgy, sexy, playful, nerdy, lazy, and so forth. My advice is to stay true to your mood for the day and glam or swag it up a little. Remember, a little goes a long way. You are not the same person everyday so you shouldn't look the same everyday. Who where you when you woke up today? Me... I was laid back and confident. With that being said there is a little something that I'm invited to tonight and you better believe staying true to ME and looking great is exactly the plan.

Finding a great fitting pair of jeans to go with the laid back feel is first on the agenda. Next is picking out a top, don't be afraid to pair a t-shirt with heels. The choices for tonight will be: a vintage t-shirt, fitting jeans with good length to compliment a pair of heels. The fact that the mood for today is laid back and confident says I'm not going to do much in the hair department. A simple blow out styled with a part in the middle is good enough for tonight. The look should be fresh and simple. Makeup will be done but keep it as natural looking and fresh as possible.

Now its time for my favorite part of dressing for the day ACCESSORIES! ACCESSORIES! ACCESSORIES! The accessories also tell a lot about your stile and confidence. Even if your not at all confident no one will ever see it. Accessories are a the best way to give an illusion of you being comfortable with yourself, positive and put together or "snatched" as some people like to put it. Nothing wrong with a little smoke and mirrors wile you work on yourself. with that being said you cant blame me for my love of accessories. Tonight's accessories will be a long chain with a large medallion style pendant or locket with stud earrings keeping with the laid back feel for today. You know you cant wear short sleeves without ARM CANDY!!! Yep I plan on stacking them on pretty thick tonight with a combo of bangles ranging from gold, wood and gemstones. A ring maybe two or just a large gemstone cocktail ring and I'll be good to go! But not so fast

What about the handbag? Today will be a simple leather hobo carried in the crook of my arm of course... I said I was laid back but also CONFIDENT. Remember, nothing says confidence like carrying a great bag in the crook of your arm! Last is the smell. Yes I said it SMELL... Not everyone is a fan of perfume or smelly lotions and potions but I LOVE IT!! The key is just a dash. We all can agree Its better to to under do it than to over do it. My thought is you have to be in my personal space in order to smell it. Just a little something to help set off my overall look for the day. Now I'm dressed, fresh, laid back and confident. I don't look like I'm trying too hard witch for any look is a big no no.This look is perfect and goes with exactly my mood for today. 

Hopefully reading this will help you step your game up and step out with confidence or at least looking like you have all the confidence in the world. Not only to put a little effort in  your look, but  to stay true to the different you that wakes up everyday. Its funny, but when you decide to break out of the cookie cutter way of dressing, you'll find yourself getting stares and complements all the time. you will even start to see people you know "swagger jacking" aka steeling your looks. Don't be afraid of people steeling your look,  just accept the fact that your personal style is something you like and others do too!