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Future jewelry trends for 2015

MADEBYTRANDE on 22nd Jun 2014

Everyone wants to be in the now but what about tomorrow? From what I know the future for jewelry is bright! Very bright! Its no secret color is everywhere. Me personally I'm a neutral kinda girl, yes I just cant get enough of browns, camels, khaki, blush and off whites... you know those warm earth tones. Needless to say when color splashed on the scene it was a hard pill to swallow. How on earth am I going to make color work for me? And bright neon's... don't even think about it! what was a girl to do? A fashion lover and for the first time dare I say... afraid of fashion??!!! At that moment in time I knew it was only one thing to do. Figure out how to pull off this bright bold new thing called color.

After many failed times and quite a few embarrassing and several insecure moments, it finally hit me. I have to stay true to who I am and keep my same taste and style but ease the new color trend into my all ready existing wardrobe. This was something I did a little at a time. With a splash of color here and a pop of color there, Color was my new best friend.  Okay maybe one of my new bff's because earth tones are still my # 1 go to fave. The goal is to stay current in fashion and not fall into a fashion rut!  

So naturally when I found out bright color was in the forecast for jewelry, I immediately started to think... pops of color in clothing is one thing but jewelry? That's a whole other beast! Now I'm not saying I have all the answers but my solution to this is monochromatic. Yes monochromatic. The way I see it, dressing monochromatic allows the jewelry to be more of the focal point. This works exceptionally well when I'm having one of my fat days and want the focus to be on any thing but my body. So this new color thing may not be so bad after all. I get to stay safe with warm earth tone colors and keep up with fashion by adding in fresh new pops of color. Color may have been the "it" thing for some time now and colorful jewelry is defiantly not the end. But a new thing I learned to do is to take risks at my own pace in my own way. Using color is my fave thing to do. Who knew? Sometimes I use pops of color on my nails, on my lips, with eye shadow, my shoes, handbag. Sometimes I just take a colorful scarf and tie it on my handbag. Not only does it give me that pop of color but it gives my look a touch of femininity and movement. 

Colorful jewelry is great and can be done to fit your style. One good tip I can give is to look at Pintrest and or Google images. Just simply type in colorful jewelry and find something you like. I'm sure after looking through a few pics you will start to see things that catch your eye.You might even have similar items in your closet. Worst case scenario you will be inspired to incorporate color into your life. It may even help brighten your mood! As children we play dress up, don't be afraid to let your self have a little fun. Get into your closet and PLAY!