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Spring fashion 2014

MADEBYTRANDE on 21st Mar 2014

Spring fever! Everyone has it from kids playing at the park to men and women working in their garden. What does spring mean for your closet? COLOR and lots of it! With Radiant orchid being the "it" color for 2014 followed by Dazzling blue "Facebook blue" the possibilities are endless. Pastels are huge this spring and will go into the summer. Another big thing this spring is exotic snake prints. look to see this trend on everything like bangles, handbags, shoes, and clothes. You guessed it snake is everywhere! why who little ol' me?? Do I have snake in my closet? you bet I do! Snake tops and dresses... I have even been lucky enough to score a pair of real snake heels but I wouldn't dare discuss what I paid for them. Other exotic prints are still in but snake is defiantly the hottest for spring.

Trends are great and the world loves them.Other trends for spring is the beautiful ikat and lets not forget about floral! Sport looks are in and its huge. You will notice the "sport" inspiration in all thing fashion from the lines in handbags to the cut of clothing and choice of fabric. I have yet to embrace this spring trend but we will see. 

Accessories for spring... I must admit they are great. Lets start with handbags. The "it" bag for the spring is a tote. Totes are a great everyday bag not to mention it can hold just about everything including the kitchen sink! A must have for your tote is a smaller bag like a clutch or a wristlet, you know that grab and go item. Wristlets are convenient and can add a new look to your tote if you hang it on the outside of your tote. one of my favorite ways to wear a tote is to add a scarf. This allows you to change the look of your everyday tote and adds a pop of color to your bag not to mention a scarf adds a touch of femininity to your look and yes scarves are here to stay no matter how you choose to wear them! Oh did I mention big floppy hats with sunglasses...YES YES YES! Do not get me started on shoes! Platform shoes are fading away but if you love a chunky heel don't worry because one of the hottest looks when it comes to shoes are espadrilles! Just in time for spring. 

Last and not least spring jewelry. Bold has always been my favorite and a fave to others. The bold look is here to stay but the latest for spring has to be simple and minimal. This new look is great for warmer weather when big bold jewelry might just be to much. Bold can be a good evening look and can still find its way into hot days but the simple minimal look just might be my new thing for the hotter weather. In addition to simple, the layered look is still very hot! My advice for layering is to use variety. Its good to mix your metals but its not a good look to have a number of necklaces on all the same length. Layered rings work if you use mall thin rings. layering big rings work for certain looks like boho chic. Trends in rings are to layer them but not all on the same finger. Bracelets... that's another story, the more the better! Just throw them on! Size, shape, thin, thick it doesn't matter. Watches are still big but the one thing I see is more options when it comes to sizes and colors and yes don't be afraid to layer your watch in with your bracelets. Spring is a beautiful fun time of year with inspiration for your everyday looks all around you. Next time you get dressed try looking out the window first to see what in spring inspires your spring look!