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Wear now Wear later

MADEBYTRANDE on 23rd Jul 2014

Ever hear anyone say "this is a wear now wear later item"? Lets talk about wear now wear later. Items that fall under this category are things that you wear in the current weather and can also be used as the weather changes. The whole wear now wear later thing is trending. Its a good thing considering today's economic state and how we choose to spend our coins. Today everyone is looking for value and thankfully this latest trend is not a budget buster.

A great example of a wear now wear later item is a jacket. At first the huge trend for jackets was Moto then the Blazer. Now anything goes from floral's to zippers and everything in between. When it comes to jackets its easy to make it work. Lets not forget the scarves. The key to wear now wear later is to keep the word "transitional" in mind. Ask yourself if this item can take me from this season into the next. If you can answer yes... then you have a winner! In order to fully make your dollar stretch you may want to consider texture and color. Don't be afraid to use a color or texture usually worn in the next season today. Certainly don't hesitate to bring a little bit of the current season into the next. 

My plan is to shake things up a bit. Bringing bright color scarves into the fall instead of packing them away until warmer weather returns is not going to work for me. Wearing bright colors is something you expect to see in spring and summer but what about for fall and winter? When you really think about it, its the unexpected things that make an outfit look fabulous, be memorable, and fun all at the same time. Just like something as simple as nail color or a purse. Are you going to do the same old closet shuffle? Swapping out spring and summer for fall and winter? I plan on pulling out those good old fall and winter clothes but not exactly putting away my spring and summer items. In fact I plan on pulling out the fall items a lot sooner than expected with this whole wear now wear later thing going on. 

So what do you all think? Is this wear now wear later trend for you? Before you answer that just remember this trend actually works out well for those of us who are on a budget. Try pulling together an outfit for this season and add something unexpected from next season. Go as far as playing with next season and add something from this season. You may be surprised with what you come up with. Not to mention how good you will look with that pop of something unexpected. Remember the new rule in fashion is there are no rules. The best part is it doesn't matter if its this season mixed with next season... those colors mixed with these... stripes with polka dots... tank tops with scarves. If it looks good to you... Go for it and watch others follow!